Sending power to the rear…..12v that is

Over labor day weekend, I spent some time doing projects I hate to do. I completely and utterly hate wiring. I have been putting off this modification section for a while and finally had to do it.

Check out the video for more detail!

Over the weekend I installed a number of things.
To transfer the power to the rear, I used an Amplifier Wiring kit

I used this for the 4g power and ground wires, as well as the terminals and fuse block. Cheapest option out there, and was cheaper than going to the local stereo store to get wire. Plus its the only kit I found on Amazon with 20 Ft of wire (had 1 ft left over)

I then linked that power wire into the Blue Sea fuse box to distribute power to all the different things I need to run.

This is a nice and tidy positive and negative link fuse box that has 6 places for fuses, and two spares located in the cover.

In the cubby I also decided to put a 4 12v plug to cater to my battery charging needs for the drone/inverter/cameras.

To finish off the install, I installed a three spot panel with a 12v plug, 2 usb plugs (recharging battery packs) and a volt meter to keep track of consumption.

Finally I installed some LED lights in the back hatch cover to illuminate the cargo area with the hatch open. I used some of these cool LED pod lights wired together and some quick disconnects in case I ever need to take the panel off

6 thoughts on “Sending power to the rear…..12v that is”

  1. Nicely done! Good idea with the quick disconnects.

    The supply line from the battery, where did you route it through the car? How about the supply for the lights on the rack?


  2. How’d you run your power wire/where did you bring it in at and did you place it in the plastic wire casing along the driver side?

    • I use the main harness grommet, put a hole and ran it. no need for wire casing if you route it correctly.

  3. My rear 12v receptacle stopped working, but all the other 12 V outlets work. 2015 Forester 2.5i, any idea where the fuse is? This is the only fuse not in the manual

  4. I know this is an older video man but my wife and I are looking to get a 16 outback sometime soon. We really dig the website and look to your outback for inspiration in what we want to do with our future one. Thanks for the site and the videos.

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