Off Road: The Outback is better than my truck.

Hello, my name is Brucey and I own a 2015 Subaru Outback and have fun with it.  I also own a 4WD Chevy pick up and have fun with it.  I recently took both off road and felt I should do a trip report.


The Outback is mostly stock, I’ve added some skid plates.  It also has a set of snow tires.

The Subaru in it’s native habitat: car

I bought the truck as an ex-fleet truck last year. After some work on it to get it in decent shape, it spent most of it’s time parked. Only being used when something was too big or too dirty to carry in the Outback.  Then I decided since it was just sitting there most of the time, it should be built more for off roading fun. I found some used 33 inch Nitto Trail Grapplers, and installed a 2″ lift.  It is enough for now.

The Truck, also in it’s native habitat: truck


Maybe some day I’ll do a wild build, but right now it’s closer to the mild side. I’m still happy because even with all the work I have in it, I’m only around 1100$ in the vehicle. Plus, it makes me laugh.  What’s the point if you’re not smiling? 

Which brings everyone up to now. Took the truck and the car out recently for a fun new trail I found out about, we had a few inches of snow on the ground so I drove the truck while the wife drove the car.

I have to say, in bad weather I don’t think I’d rather be in any other vehicle than the Subaru. Equipped with proper tires, it’s almost boring to drive. The car will go, will stop, will turn, etc just like it’s on dry pavement on all but the absolute worse conditions, and even then it’s only a slight skip before it finds its footing again. The truck is the exact opposite. In 2WD it won’t move, in 4WD it hops on corners. This was a problem, as some of the roads we were driving on had been plowed, and some were fresh snow, then back to plowed roads. I found myself switching back and forth on the transfer case for the best usage. There wasn’t any need to do that in the Subaru. It all just worked.

Once we got to the trail head, I continued first in the truck with the wife following me in the Subaru. It was apparent right off the bat the truck was working much harder, slipping and sliding around and bouncing. The car was much more composed.  The truck was breaking the snow first, so it might have been more difficult, but it bounced and flopped and slid a lot more, made a show of it almost.  The car simply went up the grade we were climbing.

We stopped climbing when I accidentally slid into a hole with the truck. The snow had hidden a fairly deep hole and I drug the chassis of the truck. I drove the truck out but decided I like my car too much to smash it up and got out to guide it around the pit. When doing this we were within about 100 feet of someones back porch, they came out and warned us we would get stuck on that road. The wife responded to her before I could with “We do this for fun” and they disappeared back into their home.

There were a few puddles and minor obstacles, nothing really impressive on the trail for the next mile or so. Just some off camber stuff. We came up to a fairly decent hill climb and decided to go one at a time so we could film it. With what we had just encountered, I honestly wasn’t sure if the truck could make it. It might get stuck, but we have shovels and a recovery strap. Besides, we do this for fun, right?

The Chevy struggled the entire time. I think part of this was because of the open differentials, and part of it was because of the mud tires doing great in mud and most off road conditions but having no traction on ice. It slipped, slid, and fought it’s way up, but it did make it up.

The Subaru just went right up. No fuss, no need for spotting. No turn the wheels this way and that way to hunt for traction. The low bumper scooped up some snow, but other than that, it was impressive. I heard the traction control kick power around on the wheels but it climbed like a little mountain goat.

Also, every one always wants a video when I go off road, and I aim to please:

Get out there and enjoy the day.


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  1. Nice!
    I’m waiting for my 2016 Outback, delivery in april.
    Hope I won’t get too carried away by watching Grant offroading the wagon of doom, making me want to try the same the moment I’m getting my own 🙂

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