Water Misting system for the TCteardrops Trailer!

I will admit that the TCTeardrops 5×9 has spoiled me. Completely and totally spoiled.  I have everything I need ANYWHERE that we decide to go.  I always have cold drinks in the fridge, a nice bed to sleep in (and I still say its as comfy as my home bed almost)  and plenty of space to store stuff.

TCTeardrops 5x9


Now that we are down in St. Augustine Florida and can drive on the beach, the trailer has taken on dual duty.  Camping rig and leisure rig.  I love the beach but hate the bearing down sun.  With the foxwing awning and the ARB awning mounted with the Bomber Products awning mount there is no shortage of shade.   Couple that with a misting system and you can pretty much stay out as long as you have water!


I carry roughly 25 gallons of water on board.  15 gallons in a water tank and 10 gallons on the sides.  Each side has a CBI offroad fab can holder with a 5 gallon tank. That gives ma  good bit of water to do fun stuff with.  So a water misting system it is!  Now that I have the Renogy Solar Panel (buy here!) that provides a ton of power while we are at the beach, we don’t have to worry too much about power management while we are out!  Win Win situation.

Before we go to the video, here is a list of what I used to build the system:

15 gallon tank
Water pump
Fill Port
Misting Kit


And to the video!