2015+ 5th Generation Outback Hill Descent Control Test

Subaru has a number of awesome features on the 5th generation (2015+).  Hill descent control is one of those valuable and awesome features.

Hill Descent

Optional on the Forester and standard on Outback, Subaru X Mode is a software program engineered to get you up and down vertiginous terrain.
-X-Mode uses lower gear ratios to generate extra power at the wheels that have grip;
-X-Mode deactivates the transmission’s lock-up clutch to better direct power to slipping wheels;
-X-Mode makes the traction control system extra sensitive so that it intervenes earlier during wheel slippage;
-X-Mode employs “Hill Descent Control” so you don’t need to apply brakes and risk locking them up when headed down steep slopes.


In this test you will see us start with medium momentum, make it roughly 3/4 up the hill to a large rut that is there.   At that point the vehicle will stop due to lack of momentum.  The driver will then leave the vehicle in drive, let off the brake, and allow the hill descent control to do its job.  Nothing other than steering inputs will be managed by the driver.