EasyAcc 20000mAh Rugged Outdoor Power Bank Review

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We were contacted by EasyAcc to see if we would review one of their new products.  Naturally loving awesome stuff, and being under the certain that I wasn’t going to HAVE to give a certain type of review, we said ok!  We also got two of them to give away, check the end of the page for details!

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You can see all the details on the Amazon page.

Let’s start with a few thoughts on it.

Super rugged.  Compared to my other battery pack, its a beast.  It feels like I can throw it down the stairs and not have an issue.  Or even off an airplane wing maybe?  The sealing in the USB ports appears to be very, very good.  Better than the weathersealing on my cameras for sure.  It claims to be able to be immersed under 1 meter water for 30 minutes. With an IP67 rating and rugged design, the power bank effectively resists water, mud or bumps in outdoor activities (with waterproof lid closed).

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Obviously it can’t be waterproof while charging, but for when you are fumbling around in your backpack for it and it falls into the mud puddle, it will be ok.  Or if you bag soaks in water, you don’t have to worry about damaging your battery pack.  While out there camping and having adventures, it is important to ME that my battery packs are up to the task.

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This thing took foreverrrrrrrrrr.  I clocked in just short of 10 hours (9 hours and 43 minutes to be exact) that it was taking a power draw via a 2.1 amp charging port on the trailer and a meter.  The maker says from dead it takes 12 hours with a 2 amp input.  So my time takes into account that it had a small charge prior to being shipped obviously.

According to the claims, it should be able to charge my Iphone 6 plus almost 7 times (6.8 times actually).  By calculations I should be able to charge my gopro batteries (1160 mah) more than I’d need for a weekend out in the woods.  Can’t really beat that if you ask me.

The LED light is surprisingly bright, It has three modes, normal, flashing and sos.  Everything is super intuitive and easy to figure out.  No real issues there.

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It is in fact waterproof.  I threw it in the filled sink for about 10 minutes, wiped it off, opened the sealed door and it charged just fine.  So it has that going for it!

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Realistically, it’s a good buy at 50 bucks.  I actually decided to buy another one from them at normal price to keep one in each car. It’s a no brainer

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