Building your own storage for camping and expedition / overlanding

Storage is a very, very important thing.


We all like to have somewhere to put our stuff.  We surely don’t like it rolling around the back of our rigs and it is pretty unsafe for it to not have it’s place. I decided to remedy that by building some drawers.  It is a pretty straight forward process and it adheres completely to the measure twice cut once principle.

I’m not a carpenter, I kind of suck at it actually.  However, I was able to make a usable system that fit very well and was functional.  Your results may vary.


I started out with measuring the overall width and depth that I wanted to keep.  I knew that the factory spare tire area cover had to go, so I didn’t worry about it.  I ended up making a hinged lid that attached to the bottom of the drawers that covered the remaining area left open after removing the cover, so all the items could be accessed.  Have to make sure that you predrill some pilot holes to prevent splitting of the wood as you attach everything.  Hindsight I would have used a Kreg Pockethole jig like I did for my trailer, but that’s the past now!

Next step is to frame it all in.


I did it a bit unconventional because I was having issues with stuff staying square so I put some cross supports in while I was building to make sure that it stayed where it should be so I could make the drawers.  It’s hard to explain in just a post, so I will refer you to You Tube on how to install drawer slides and gap the drawers

I built the drawers to house specific things.  I love my GCI cookware with the Bugaboo Large set so that had to fit.  I also keep all my headlamps, lights, water hoses etc in small ammo cans, so that had to fit.  On the right side the stove had to fit pretty much perfectly, along with the propane hoses for the stove and Camp Chef Triton L5.  All that was left to do was to cover it in carpet and roll out.

18881570389_363450532f_b 18659642683_d5617e93ec_b Outback Storage Outback Storage

Here you can see the extension piece that I made to cover the spare tire storage area.

Finished drawers


I held it down by using eyelets and turnbuckles with 550 cord down to a bracket on the back seat.  Works well and stays nice and tight!

Build your own and show us!

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  1. Always a great need for organized storage units. This one reminds me of one I made for a Land Cruiser I used to own. Keep the pictures and build work coming!

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