ALERT: Fuse Tap issues



Everyone knows about these things right?

I just had not one, but two cause major power drains on a circuit with no load (disconnected everything from it, with just what you see here connected)

How did I isolate what it was?

First I used a meter to find out what was pulling power when the ignition was off.  It was so bad that I could stand there and see my voltmeter going down I installed (remember the video with the panel?)
Second I started isolating circuits.  I put the compressor for air horns on the blue sea fuse box that I installed a bit ago, leaving just the CB radio and Aux lights on the fuse panel.  I disconnected the CB radio and then tested.
It ended up being my AUX lights circuit.

So then i disconnected all the switches (pulled the wires going TO the lights, left the power source on switches) so that i can isolate the actual lights from an internal power consuming issue.  No problems there
Then i removed the power source from the switches, to isolate the switches as an issue (As you disconnect things, if the power drain stops, typically it was that thing you disconnected.  If it continues, then you have an issue somewhere else).

That led me to the fuse tap.  It was bad.

I ended up running a source wire from the Blue Sea fuse box to the switches to supply the power for my four switches and have no issues now.
Subaru Outback Switches
Moral of the story? Cutting corners sucks.  Do it right the first time.