ADV moto – Let’s Diversify

After the trip to Expo East, kinda got on a kick get an ADV bike  So, being the complete and total impulse person that I am, I decided to sell the Harley and get myself a dirt bike.  Not just any moto.

I originally wanted a BMW 800gs, but I am far too not normal to get that.  After a couple weeks of searching, a Triumph Tiger popped up.  On the very short list (3 bikes to be exact) of what I wanted, I went ahead and got it.  6 hours total of driving later, it was in the driveway.  4 hours later….a bunch of stuff was ordered.

ADV moto tiger

The bike came with a number of great parts:

  • Triumph skid plate
  • Touratech top box
  • Nomad panniers
  • handlebar risers
  • Triumph tall windscreen (still garbage)
  • BMW Moto Navigator 4
  • Aux Lights
  •  (I think that is it)

ADV moto Triumph

I decided to add some stuff!

  • Gaerne G-React Boots
  • SW-MOTECH Adjustable Folding Gear Shift Lever
  • R&G Racing Front and Rear Axle Sliders
  • Yoshimura RS4 Street Slip-On Exhaust
  • AltRider Headlight Guard
  • Mitas E07 Dakar Tires

There is much more coming

Motovlogging will be added to the huge amount of content we try and put out at our Youtube channel as well!

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  1. Nice, Looking at the Honda Desert Twin myself, but after buying a TCTeardrops 5×10 ORE I may have to wait for awhile for funds to replenish! You’ll always be a couple, or three steps ahead of me Grant….lead on!

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